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update: my employer fined me $90 for being late

It’s the launch of this year’s “where are you now?” month at Ask a Manager! Every day this month, including weekends, I’ll be running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past. To kick us off…

Remember the letter-writer whose office fined people $2/minute for being late, starting at 9:01 am? She’d racked up a $90 fine in one morning — a full day’s salary. Here’s the update.

As I waited for the day where the accountants would swing by my desk to collect the cash from me as they used to, that day somehow never arrived.

Turns out, the company received several scathing anonymous reviews online for this practice, and they were pretty upset about it tarnishing their image.

So they quietly scrapped the policy without telling anyone. We just figured it out through hearsay and experience over time when the accountants were no longer coming up to us to collect our fines.

I’m glad we no longer have to bleed cash at such a high rate, but we still have a strict punctuality policy down to the minute which is taken into account in our performance reviews and is still deeply embedded into our culture.

Think people cursing and getting anxious in the elevators stopping at every other floor at 8:58 am; texting the admin with a PICTURE of us that we are not late – our elevator has just broken down and we’re trapped; and people running like a madman to the office gates at 9:00 am before it strikes 9:01 am.

I love what I do and my coworkers otherwise, though, so that definitely helps a lot.

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