I had a great interview – why haven’t I heard anything back? — Ask a Manager

A reader writes:

I’ve recently gone through a time-consuming but positive job interview process. The hiring manager has been in communication with me from day one. We had a phone interview, followed by a video conference with one other member ever of the team. The hiring manager then requested some work samples and, after seeing them, scheduled a third and final (his words) video conference with two additional staff members.

The interviews could not have gone better, in my opinion. There was tons of back and forth questioning, and conversation was natural and informational. He even joked in the final interview, “She’s hired!” after I said something he really appreciated. He then asked me for three references. When I sent my references, he responded right away saying he really enjoyed meeting me, etc. etc., and would be in contact soon.

He told me I should expect to hear back two to three days after the interview. But it has been a week and a half now with absolute silence. I sent another email a week after the interview, reiterating my interest and asking if there were any updates on the position. In the past, he had responded to my emails within a day or two, but now it’s been three days since I sent it and I haven’t heard a word. (I also want to mention, I sent all the appropriate “thank you” emails after all the interviews.)

It’s not a corporate organization and only has about 30 employees, so I doubt this is tangled up in HR. have confirmed with my references that he did not contact them. Both the hiring manager and the organization overall seemed warm and just didn’t give the vibe that they would ghost someone, especially after how many interviews there were, how long they lasted, etc. It seems like if I wasn’t going to be hired at this point, it would have been a huge waste of everyone’s time. (The whole process ended up being dragged out over 1.5 months because of traveling, and initial scheduling issues. There were almost three weeks between the first and second interviews.)

What is your perspective on this? I want this job so badly and am just not sure when to give up hope.

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