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how do I talk to my coworker about her body odor?

A reader writes:

I’m close with a coworker and happen to know that she’s suffering from very bad depression. I’m very proud of her for getting through it as well as she is.

Here’s my dilemma – in the last few months, she’s developed a definite problem with body odor. I think it’s likely to be related to her depression, since I know she has trouble gathering the energy to do even basic tasks. I’m concerned that it may damage her professional reputation – I know some of our coworkers have already complained about what they think is her flakiness, and the fact that she’s not been as put together as is expected in our industry (visibly rumpled clothes, that kind of thing). Should I say anything to her? And if so, what would you recommend I say? (As a side note, I don’t think this is due to cultural differences in diet or anything like that.)

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